He looked at me and smiled, but I saw a touch of sadness hidden in his eyes.

“What’s the matter?” I asked him, and after a while he replied:

“Sometimes, I wish I could make you laugh as much as the others do.”

I thought about this for a minute, then I took his hand and I told him;

“All my life people have made me laugh. I laugh so easily, I pretty much laugh at everything. Laughing has never been hard for me. To me, laughter is like breathing. But do you know what I’ve never found easy? Love. Loving, and being loved, is something I’ve always found extremely hard to do. All my life it’s been a struggle for me to love. But you, you’ve changed that for me. Because of you, I love as easily as I laugh. So all those people in my life who have made me laugh, they have given me silver. But you, because you helped me love, you have given me gold.”



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